this ain’t no Japanese box with a microphone

I am a desk jockey- for the most part. I sit at my desk and my comfort in the rat race of white collars are my speakers. They bring me my soothing tunes and angry tunes and happy tunes. Don’t know bout you ass clowns but I have to have music. HAVE to. Well what really chaps my hide is when the fuckfaced goon next to you decides it karaoke time. Busting out singing along and completely out of tune. MY music coming out of MY speakers at a fairly low volume does not need to be sung completely off key. Who the fuck do they think they are? No one here is shitfaced, ok, granted Im a little stoned but that is all the more reason why some jerk off shouldn’t sing to my music. Who’s it sung by bitch? Red Hot Chili Peppers not a douche ass clown.

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By Peaches

thats right I paid for them


  1. It could be worse, Sharkey. You could be listening to that schmuck while sitting in one of those fucking Kaizen/LEAN Approved cubes with the 1/2 height walls that don’t even go over the monitors. Then, not only do you have to hear the asshole, you are forced to look at him all day. We’re rocking those bitches at work…..what a goddamn joke those things are. If my group wasn’t already leaving soon, I’d probably quit just because of that.

  2. A friend of mine did a co-op program in Singapore. His cubicle mate would listen to J-pop all day and sing along. Everyone else would have the courtesy to use headphones except this guy. It bugged the hell out of him, and he couldn’t say anything because of the language barrier.

    Oh well, I vow never to work in a cubicle farm and be stripped of my identity.

  3. you’re at work. you work in an office with other people. you should be using head phones.

    you’re getting what you deserve for bothering your coworkers.

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  5. could be worse. said ass clown COULD be wearing headphones with the volume up full and having him and his 2 other gender confused friends rapping along with it. It’s ppl like those who deserve to be SHOT!

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