This Android Dreams of a Rape Whistle

FaaQ sent me a link which details the life of a brilliant 34-year-old robotics expert who has created his perfect android dream girl. It’s probably a good thing that he can program her reactions, because a normal girl would probably complain about his massive debt, the fact that he lives with his parents, or that he prefers fucking a large pile of plastic and wires.

Aiko, whose age is ‘in her early 20’s’, is 5ft tall and has a perfect 32, 23, 33 figure.

She has real silicone skin and a real-hair wig made by a Japanese doll company. Her touch sensitive body knows the difference between being stroked gently or tickled.

‘Like a real female she will react to being touched in certain ways,’said Le.

I bet she does. His next big project is getting his incredibly expensive real-doll knockoff to walk, which can only end in her walking her ass right out the front door. Nobody wants to be the girlfriend of a broke nerd living with his parents in Canada, not even if you program them to.

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By Sharkey

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  1. dude this entire batch of updates has sounded exactly like you did back in the glory days, keep it going dude you have as you would say, ‘swank’, in your writing style.

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