Up And Running

Good mother of God, that was a pain in the ass. But we’re now up and running on the new system.

 I kind of want to throw up now. But I think I’ll play Fight Night for a few minutes and forget about all of this for a bit.

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By Sharkey

I run bamf.


  1. Draven was a human once, the son of a respected blacksmith in Talking Island village. He was a normal child in many ways, but even at an early age there were some signs of what was to come. Nearly every day he would come home battered and bloodied after being sent out to play with the other children.

    When his father would ask him what happened, it would always be a similar response. Sometimes it would be a fight with a group of bullies that Draven saw teasing a smaller child. Other times, a brawl with street urchins tormenting a cornered animal with sticks in an alley. Time and time again, his father would try unsuccessfully to teach Draven that he couldn’t save everyone.

    As he grew older he showed an aptitude for the fighting arts and trained day and night at the fighter’s guild. As his skills grew, so did the evils he faced. When a group of Orcs attacked the town and kidnapped some of the villagers, Draven would be the first to sign up for the raiding party to try to get them back. When a group of thieves were breaking into homes, he patrolled the streets every night until he found them and brought them to trial.

    There were also defeats. When the thieves admitted they were working for a corrupt noble in Gludin, Draven thought a great victory had been secured. As the weeks dragged by he slowly realized that nothing was going to be done. He knew in his soul that political connections and bribed officials shouldn’t be able to prevent what was right. When the town elders refused to press the issue for fear of losing important trade contracts with the mainland, he felt ill for days.

    Then came the fateful day when he returned home early from training to discover his father placing a box into a secret hollow in the floorboards. He quietly stepped back out of the room without being seen, but returned after his father left to tend the forge. What he found broke his heart: sacks of coins with the mayor’s insignia on them. He immediately thought of the missing lockbox recently taken from the mayor’s residence. The crime had left no sign of forced entry and no witnesses. With tears in his eyes he realized his father had crafted most of the locks in town and could easily open any of them.

    Stumbling out into the fields of Talking Island he screamed his frustration and rage to the skies. He fell to his knees and implored the gods for the wisdom to understand a world that had no honor. Einhasad was so moved by his impassioned pleas that she decided to imbue him with the power to uphold justice across the land. He was bathed in a ray of blinding light and was reborn.

    From that day forth, both Draven and Aden would be irrevocably changed.

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