Wait, Fox Live at News what?

[ Weatherman with Tourette’s ]

It’s a good thing he saved himself with the fake smile at the end. And I hope he wasn’t fired, I really want to hear about those upcoming snow showers.


  1. That was just a teaseIts a segment they pre-tape to show durring commercials. All that happened is that guy messed up and they were going to have to re-tape it. Probably the \”snow-showers\” were actually rain showers or something. Regardless, that never aired because those segments are pre-taped.

  2. indeedIt’s just an outtake – you can hear the music recuing after he lets loose. Judging from the lack of laughter in the studio, he probably does that all the time.It’s amazing how many people \”forget\” that they’re wearing a microphone.

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