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I am mutha fucking pissed. So I order a TV online. WRONG thing to fricken do. Take my time from work to receive it from the freight carriers, get the puppy halfway mounted and cable guys out to hook it up and what happens???? A fucking line right down the fucking middle of the screen. Alright the, contact Amazon and email them like they say. Said I want a refund and you can have this picked up. Civil, polite and short. Nooo get an email back asking me to contact the manufacturer to see if they can fix it or trouble shoot…
At first I was like- These people are great! Now they can lick my asshole after eating spicey greasy cheap pizza. So I call Sharp, they ask me to email a picture of the problem, done while I was on the phone with them. They say they’ll contact me within 48 hours to figure out the best approach after talking to the tech guys. No call back and I was busy for a week so no sweat off my sack. I call back asking what the deal was since no one called.
They tell me they have it in their notes that someone did try and call me for pics… I tell them I sent them in when I was on the phone with them a week ago. Oh hey, look at that… they DID have the pics. Well shit howdy! I get the we’ll contact a service technician in your area and have them contact you for a time to schedule coming out. Day goes by no call. Next day I call Sharp again, still being polite and impatient.

Hi There! Haven’t heard from you guys, was wondering why a service tech hasn’t called to set up the appt.
Oh let’s look in your file, yup yup, we didn’t get the pics…oh wait yeah we did. Let me transfer you. Hold please.

Well holy shit I’m getting a little miffed to say the least. A service tech will call you, I tried calling but they’re not open yet. Here’s the number for you to follow up with them if you don’t get a call. Fucking lovely customer service you cock gobblers.

On to the next day- no call so I call the techs. Who… guess what!?!? Haven’t gotten the work order!! Back to Sharp.. they haven’t gotten a work order, get it there. Hold please.

Im about to flip myh lid when the lady gets back on the phone and says she had the head tech guy look at the pictures and he says it’ll take blah blah part to fix it and they’re gonna overnite it so I can have it fixed right away.

Well kids, that was last Friday. It’s Tuesday and I had made an appt for then tech people to come out today from 4-6. Guess what call I got leaving work to get home in time? BINGO! Your part isn’t here, we’ll call tomorrow to find out where it is.

I called Sharp cuz it wasn’t the little asian lady with the thick accent I couldn’t really understand english’s fault. And wouldn’t ya know it, that particular department had left for the day already. Poor Nick got an aggravated Peach.

Here comes the obvious questions to Nick, Mr. Customer Service.

“Do your parts usually take this long?
Is your company’s customer service always this lacking? What would you do if you were me? Perhaps demand a refund from Amazon? So maybe I could get a TV that works properly? Would you think that paying over 2 grand on a TV you’d get some customer service help?”
“Im sorry Ma’am, I unfortunately can’t answer those questions but no we don’t usually back order these parts. Is there anything I can help you with?”

GEE! Maybe by getting my TV FIXED?!?!?! But I wasn’t gonna yell at this kid, the sarcastic ass questions were bad enough.

“Nope, I’ll just call Amazon and deal with them now. DICK” *click*
Dear Amazon-
Hello- I had a damaged good when it arrived and had asked for a refund. You had sent an email asking me to contact the manufacturer. They have been no help and Im fed up. Please either refund my money and pick this junk up or get Sharp to fix this before I break it beyond repair. You’d think I could get some real customer service for buying something over 2 grand.

Short story long, fuck Sharp.

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By Peaches

thats right I paid for them


  1. If you had bothered to do any research, you would have discovered that your situation is typical of people who receive DOA TV’s from online retailers. That’s why people pay the extra $100 to get it from a local store.

  2. Cancel the charges on your credit card. Even if it was debited, you very likely have some kind of buyer’s protection that will allow you to reverse the charges and tell Amazon to come pick up box. Or lick yours. Fuckers.

  3. What a stupid thing to do, buy a tv in a shop and walk out it with the thing in your hands.
    You lazy cunt.

  4. Yeah, ordering something as big and fragile as a nice TV online is pretty much retarded. Even from a retail store you can still get busted items. But the beauty of the thing then is that you can just GO BACK AND GET A NEW ONE. Yay!

    I’ll order inexpensive stuff, or stuff I know wont break, off the internets. Otherwise its retailers all the way ’cause you can’t trust anyone to get anything right.

  5. well kids, unlike like you i dont have a ton of spare time to go shopping for a TV, nor would i want to waste my time or my friends time by saying hey, come help me get a tv.

    it’s not that easy to get a 47″ TV and throw it in the car to get a new one. I’m guessing none of you tards can even afford a tv this big or realize that sending out a tech to fix the problem is the simplest route. Im not throwing a lcd flat screen in the bed of a truck nor am I going to have room in the tahoe for it and 2 friends to carry it. wtf are you idiots thinking?

  6. all you do is your basic research online, figure out what the best TV is and walk into a supplier and say you want that TV. He/She will tries to sell you something else, say no. They’ll special order it for you if they don’t have it in stock.

  7. Oh good grief, I have a 46″ rear projection that I picked up and hauled up two flights of stairs. 200+ pounds. Your LCD probably weighs what, 50 pounds? I know you have a vagina and all, but come on.

    Anyway, if you do buy online for Christ’s sake, don’t buy from Amazon.

  8. Any good local shop will either deliver free or for a nominal fee. People think that by purchasing online they save some money, but in reality you don’t, because service is non-existent.

  9. Follow up on this rant if ya don’t mind. I wanna know how it ends. …and what’s with all the rude ass fools all of a sudden?

  10. It’s shit like this that makes me laugh when people say they’ll be “ok with the manufacturer’s warranty.”

    You better hope that they determine it was a defect and not something caused by shipping (did you pay to make sure it was guaranteed?) or physical damage…screen damage on an LCD can cost twice the original cost of the TV to be repaired.

    If nothing else, you can feel lucky that they actually delivered a TV, and not just a box of rocks/bricks.

  11. You have the time to sit on the net and pick a TV. You are apparently rich-as-fuck.

    Like others have said, should have done your research online. Gone to a store and purchased one. Had it delivered. Probably should get some kind of extended warrenty on it.

    All-in-all you might pay more, but you wouldn’t have had all these problems.

    Interesting how that always works.

  12. Jesus. Whining about putting a flatscreen in the SUV. Try hauling around a 36″ tube back in the day and then start your bitching.

    You don’t wanna walk into a store and be bothered to touch before you buy? Then don’t fucking complain when it shows up in a mystery box, broken, and no one hears you scream.

    Not all of us are rich, lazy whiners like you either. Get off your ass and get it fixed instead of being an armchair quarterback and internet nazi. Your facebook friends may sympathize, but we don’t.

    Better yet, just sit down… the men are talking. Jesus this website has gone downhill, and as boring as hot steamy turtle sex. Favorite = deleted.

  13. there’s the old saying “you get what you pay for.” sharp is crap, and had you taken 5 minutes to actually do a little research then you probably wouldn’t be in this situation.

  14. Stores deliver. If they say they don’t, they (or some idiot on staff) will for another $50. No need for free time, no need for two friends, or a truck.

  15. Peach –

    Hi there, how ya doing? Long time my friend. I somehow managed to fuck up my forum account, don’t know how to contact anyone to get it fixed. Can you get Skarkey’s ear on this? Thanks


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