Welfare Mothers (The Malthion X Solution)

My friend Jon had this great idea, and I’ve gotta share it with all of you.

Have you seen all the welfare mothers and families that exist in L.A.? It’s quite a sad state, I must say. But for some reason, even though they can’t afford it, they have more kids! It’s like their only form of entertainment is screwing, and since they can’t afford contraceptives, they bring another mouth into the world. But what can we do about it? Plenty.
There’s a drug out there that basically nullifies the ability to reproduce. It’s called Malthion X. What I propose is that we rally up anyone on welfare, and stick them into some form of government housing. Then what we do, is come up with a temporary version of Malthion X, and spray the government homes in a crop duster once a month. This prevents any of them from breeding unnecessarily, and gives them a chance to get back on their feet without their hormones fucking it up.

Hey, I think it’s a great idea. Too bad the liberal commies run the world, and it’ll never come to pass.

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