Zombies jump the shark

You know its been overdone to death when you have not one, but two NYTimes articles about a Jane Austen Zombie mashup.

Now if it was Zombie Simpsons, I could get behind it, but Zombie chick-lit is beyond gay.


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  1. what we need is a good zombie passion of the christ. “zombie jesus will rise again to judge the living dead.”

  2. I really don’t feel like registering here otherwise I’d post this in the forum (In other words, I’ve always enjoyed the site but not so much that I actually want to deal with the pain in the ass of registering). I honestly found it to be the funniest thing in the world when I loaded this site just now and found an ad for fucking Obama commemorative products. For a blog site who’s posters are all conservative Republicans I think it’s hilarious that you have these ads on your site.

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