by on December 30, 2002 @ 2:58 am

This is a blatant fucking plug. However, since the game has about no marketting in the US right now, I figure word-of-mouth is the way to go.

What’s that I’m talking about? Why it’s Neocron of course! It’s the game that we’ve been waiting for. It’s a FPS game that is also a MMORPG. We thought that AO would be that, but it wasn’t. This one is what you are after. If it will help you understand the game’s premise, it’s pretty much like playing Deus Ex with other players in an ongoing world.

Another really cool thing is that if you hit the official site, you can download a free offline demo of the game. That’s right, you can take it out for a test drive before you buy! So far I’ve had a 100% success rate with people that have played the demo and then bought the game. Actually my success rate is over 100% if you count the fact that my roomates coerced me into giving up my original account with Orion Engineer to be the mule account so we’d have a full-time construction mule. Full-time implanter and researcher on that account now, too.

VEHICLES!! That’s right, you can have hover bikes, troop carriers, buggies, and tanks. Right now my crew has been mass-producing the vehicle with space for a driver, a gunner, and a passenger. Think about the buggy that you drove all over HALO and that is about what it is. It goes pretty fast over the outdoor terrain, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

Well, as usual, if you are interested then email me for details on where we play and our names and whatnot. I’ll even make it a point to look at my email once a day for the next few days. Gosh I’m nice! Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The game is almost entirely PVP. This means that if some fuckwad comes in and ninjas your kill, you can light him on fire or blow his ass into next week.

PS2 becomes a TiVo-like recorder

by on September 17, 2002 @ 10:48 am

ZDNet Article

Sony’s PlayStation 2 video game console will gain TiVo-like video functions with software to be announced Monday by two start-ups.

Austin, Texas-based BroadQ is offering Qcast Tuner, software to connect the PS2 with a PC running SnapStream Media’s video recording software.

Houston-based SnapStream released its Personal Video Station software last year. The program allows a PC connected to a TV signal to record and play back programs using the PC’s hard drive, similar to standalone devices such as the TiVo video recorder.


  • No $9.95/mo subscription fee as there is with TiVo.


  • You have to record it to your PC, taking up valuable hard drive space reserved for warez and pr0n
  • Your PC probably isn’t in the same room as your TV (maybe it is, who knows)

Conclusion: Good for some, but as the article states, won’t be a complete solution until you can remove the dependency on the PC.